Vision & Mission


  • Inculcating religious and moral values in the students and imparts training so as to have an all-round development of their personality.


    • Providing cost-effective good quality higher education catering to the educational needs of the Muslim minority and other socially and economically disadvantaged members of society including fisher folk.
    • Pursing to achieve excellence in quality teaching, learning and research.
    • Fostering and encouraging innovation and creativity.
    • Promoting economic and community development through inculcation of Entrepreneurial spirit and productive partnership.
    • Creating meaningful and engaging learning opportunities through innovative teaching and learning.
    • Attracting and supporting diverse and creative people and ideas.
    • Strengthening community and industry relationships by providing programs and services responsive to our constituents' needs, and
    • Developing leaders to maintain and enhance the quality of economic, social, and cultural life in our communities.